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// Expertise in der Komplettmontage

We are experienced specialists for all demanding tasks in the fields of industrial assembly, pipeline construction and steel construction. It goes without saying that we offer innovative and competitive services at fair prices. Even under difficult conditions, we guarantee a reliable and punctual processing of orders and fulfil requirements for smooth processes and security at the highest level.

Flexibility and efficiency characterise our work at home and abroad. Our specialists have industry-specific know-how that is technically up to date and receive regular training. In this way, we ensure that competent employees ensure that the project is always completed flawlessly and without disruption.

We prefer fast and uncomplicated solutions, which convince in their simplicity. The flat hierarchies in our company additionally contribute to the fact that we can declare the concerns of our customers a matter for the boss and that prompt, goal-oriented action is a self-evident part of our service.

Our core competences are:
> Many years of expertise in the complete assembly of power plants as well as biodiesel, boiler and chlorine plants
Modern and large-scale prefabrication facilities in Frankenthal 
Seamless quality assurance and quality control
Comprehensive construction site documentation